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Let's Talk Network is a non-profit South African video podcasting and event live-streaming network. The Let's Talk Network podcast studio is based in Centurion, Gauteng, and podcasts are broadcast live at 19h30 every week. Currently there are three different live podcast channels: Let's Talk Possibility, Let's Talk Geek and Let's Talk Hack .

Let's Talk Network's vision is to stimulate the growth of South African internet content by creating an audio and video platform that is accessible to everyone. To this extent anyone is welcome to contribute meaningful and relevant content. The studio, software and training can also be made available to anyone who would like to record or stream their own shows. For more information on how to become involved, email info@letstalknetwork.tv.



LTN Announcements

Let's Talk Network, in association with House4Hack and BinarySpace, are proud to present our newest awesome podcast, starting January 2013!
Lets Talk Hack is a topical monthly round-up of all things Hacking related.

Welcome to LTN!



Upcoming Events

Checkout http://www.stardates.co.za/